My Soho Times Launch event… And oh, I’m #DelightfullyDyslexic and I finally accept it!


The great thing about the start of a new month is the opportunity to reflect… Or start anew. These past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions which come with doing something you love so much – you’re almost scared! I’ve taken some of my most daring risks (which didn’t necessarily involve an an adrenaline junkie trip abroad as I do wearing my travel writer hat Travelmakerkai), but rather swerving my way through the concrete jungle of Soho defying the odds that print is dead!  It’s a weird contradiction of feeling like I’m floating on air, yet at the same time treading on ultra thin ice!

My Soho Times: Secret door to our launch venue
Secret door to our launch party venue on the 25th November, 7pm. Join our mailing list for your invite! =>

Like they say, when one door closes – another one opens, and that’s literally the case for us as we can confirm we’ve landed our launch party event at the venue – home to one of London’s most secret doors!… Can you guess where?

It’s with great pleasure that I invite you to the official launch of My Soho Times magazine on Monday 25th November at 7pm, Soho. Be the first to view our winter issue, hear from some of our partners, network and enjoy the beats from our live DJ! Invite is via our mailing list so that members get a chance to book first (membership is open to anyone), so if you’d like to attend or hear more – the door awaits your entry! =>>

And it doesn’t end at just one venue – we have a second swanky Soho venue which will be a launch event for press, PR, partners, and partners on the 29th November at 6.30pm. If you’re press, media, a blogger/influencer fell free to email me for your invite We’ll have a few tickets available for members. More info in this month’s newsletter!

Oh, and it still doesn’t end there! We’ve teamed up with London: SpeakerBoxStreetParty to throw our ‘unofficial’ launch (gotta take it to the streets right?)… Keep an eye out (or rather an ear out for the loud music!) for more info coming soon across My Soho Times social media!

From the Adobe Creative Jam we attended last month

p.s I’ve finally accepted that I’m #DelightfullyDyslexic and yes, being an editor will possibly be my biggest challenge since I can’t spell for s***!… All those who received my first batch of business cards will see the evidence when I creatively spelt ‘editer-in-chief‘! (that’s at least 150 business cared with the wrong spelling floating about… Take it as a limited edition) Shout out to Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots and fellow #DelightfullyDyslexic creative, for the inspiration!

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