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Food writer Melina reviews lunch at the Boulevard Soho

When you step into the Boulevard restaurant (reached by crossing the modern high ceiling glass bridge), you are taken back to the vibrancy of the Art Deco era. Plush, royal blue velvet sofas, rest against pleasant pink walls adorned with framed pictures and large, pearl shaped wall lights. I could escape the hustle of London to this place any day. 

It doesn’t take long to get attention from one of the staff (who are extremely kind throughout the whole service) who ask if I’d like a drink while I wait for my table. I am taken to a cosy part of the restaurant, and scan the menu designed by head chef, Greg Hillier, previously of The Commonwealth Club and The British Academy. The whole service from start to finish is very swift.

The lunch menu is set up in three parts: small plates, large plates and sweets. I order Roast pork belly, a Portobello mushroom burger and two sweets – Panna Cotta and a New York cheesecake. The menu is plant-based unless stated otherwise, still showcasing that there’s something for everyone; including steaks from the grill, whisky cured mackerel or salmon served with chilli kale – perfect for pescatarians.

Salmon with chilli kale
Roast pork belly served with cauliflower, apple, watercress and apple puree.

The pork belly was succulent and juicy, the salty crackling cracked and crunched as I bit through it. I could eat the meat happily on its own but add the accompanying sweet cauliflower florets with cauliflower purée, tangy apple sauce, topped with a bite of caramelised apple, and your dish is elevated to newer heights. The great thing about this small plate was the quality of each ingredient which you could clearly taste. Even the watercress tasted delicious when it can often taste rather bland.

Portobello mushroom burger with sweet potato fries instead of regular fries… a must-try!

My main plate, the Portobello mushroom burger, grabbed my attention for the simple fact that I refuse to eat burgers from anywhere. For me to eat a burger, there has to be a couple of conditions. It has to look clean, non greasy, and I have to see all the ingredients inside. This burger ticked every box.

Of course, burger lovers around the world would argue that a fatty, greasy burger, with juices dripping down your hand as you take a huge bite into its saucy goodness is the only way forward. And that is ok…for them. 

The black garlic mayo was the perfect sauce for this burger. It was generously (but not too generously) spread across the crispy toasted bun and topped with thickly cut, fresh tomato; large lettuce leaves, and deliciously crunchy shoestring fries which add a pleasant texture to every mouthful. For someone who really doesn’t like burgers, I really liked this one.

New York cheesecake

Most places will serve your New York cheesecake the same way every time. It comes out of a box, with stingy amounts of cream cheese and baked till dry. There is nothing stingy about this cheesecake. 

Thick is the only way to describe this dessert. It had so much cheese, I was hesitant to try it at first. It isn’t too indulgent, it’s whipped, creamy, the pastry is perfection. The accompanying banana caramel is something else and I will forever be glad I didn’t receive another cheesecake accompanied by something vanilla flavoured. 

Vanilla panna cotta

Dessert two was vanilla panna cotta, with poached rhubarb and gingerbread crumb. Again another beautiful dessert. Silky smooth, creamy panna cotta coats your tongue whilst the rhubarb sorbet cuts through the fat. The only criticism I have was that I couldn’t taste the gingerbread very much but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the plate. 

The starter was my favourite of the dishes I have tasted and I hope it turns into a main in the future. To conclude, Boulevard Soho is the perfect place to bring your Valentine’s date for a cosy lunch or romantic dinner, but I wouldn’t come on just the one occasion. Relax and dine-in before emerging yourself in the theatre upstairs. 

Boulevard Soho describe their menu as vibrant, sensory and unfussy. 

I completely agree.

Reviewed by Melina Zachariou. Melina is an enthusiastic journalist who has a deep set passion for food and entertainment. Her love for writing spans back to when she was little and used to create magazines from ripped up pieces of paper in her bedroom.

Boulevard Valentine's Day

Pretty in pink – perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebrations

Treat your date this year to a Valentine’s menu in the picture-perfect Boulevard, situated in the heart of Soho. The Boulevard Valentine’s Menu offers 2 courses for £29.50 (1 small plate and 1 large plate) or 3 courses for £37.50 (2 small plates and 1 large plate), both including a complimentary glass of Duval-Leroy Champagne on arrival. As an extra to really get you in the mood for date night, order some rock oysters and
Blanche Absinthe, starting from £3.50 each.

📍6 Walker’s Ct, Soho, London W1F 0BT

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