Gillian Smith

Contributing editor | Gillian Smith is a freelance Writer and Producer who has worked extensively across all media from print to broadcast and digital. Her wide-ranging experience includes scriptwriting and filmmaking in the UK, Europe and Asia for organisations such as Reuters News, the BBC and Sony Television.  Areas of special interest are film (including redContinue reading “Gillian Smith”

My Soho Times Magazine

Why Soho? Soho is London’s most dynamic district and as a resident living in this thriving part of London which uniquely attracts both Londoners and tourists alike, founder Kai Lutterodt wanted to create a tangible guide bringing businesses and brands directly to the consumer. The My Soho Times theme is Live Work Play, and we’llContinue reading “My Soho Times Magazine”

My Soho Times winter Gift Guide 2020

We’ve been busy putting together this special gift guide ahead of our winter issue – just in time for our spirits to be lifted as lockdown 2.0 ends! You’ll find a selection of diverse gifts and ideas to for that perfect present – be it for your loved ones, friends… or a treat for yourselfContinue reading “My Soho Times winter Gift Guide 2020”

Winter Gift Finder

We’ve put together this winter Perfect Gift finder offering a selection of diverse gifts and ideas to help you find the perfect present for your loved ones, friends… or a treat for yourself this winter! We’re proud to once again support Centrepoint and the work they do for young homeless people. Make a difference inContinue reading “Winter Gift Finder”

Divert the Traffic: Plans to Save Soho this Summer

Summer in Soho has always had the best vibe. Where else would you want to be for eating, drinking and hanging out with old friends? Not to mention the new ones you’ve only just met on a great night out… Lockdown in Soho After the long months of lockdown, it looks like bars, restaurants andContinue reading “Divert the Traffic: Plans to Save Soho this Summer”

Soho on Pause | My Soho Times

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. Being sequestered in West London far away from the city centre certainly makes you appreciate past Soho times. True, you do have more space here in the suburbs to enact the seven metre swerve necessary to socially distance yourself from approaching fellow humans. Strange, one muses, thatContinue reading “Soho on Pause | My Soho Times”