The Soho Girl

Meet The Soho Girl, founder and editor of My Soho Times

Where to start? Maybe in 2012 when Kai created a blog to document her experience about being a creative living in Soho? Or perhaps from 2015 when she branded My Soho Times with the logo as we know it today? Or the summer of 2019 when Kai took on the challenge to turn her long standing blog into a free lifestyle magazine dedicated to Soho?…

8 Things You probably didn’t (or perhaps did) know about The Soho Girl

  1. She’s a foodie
  2. She’s addicted to hot yoga (which probably counter-balances 1)
  3. She has lived in Soho all her adult life
  4. She’s 5’10 and taller in heels
  5. She’s a bit of a fashionista even if she doesn’t admit it
  6. She’s a travel journalist, presenter and personal branding consultant
  7. She loves to dance
  8. She’s #DelightfullyDyslexic

Catch The Soho Girl hosting My Soho Times on the Radio, and at Soho x Talk events throughout the year.


Kai’s other projects: The Soho Girl | Travelmaker Kai | Let’s Do Lunch | Diversity Matters