Ari Gurdon-Lindey

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Ari Gurdon-Lindey is a self-taught photographer and mum. She moved to London (from Croatia) 25 years ago where she worked at the British Film Institute, moving on to West End Theatres shortly after, including a stint as a Broadcast Assistant at the BBC World Service Radio.

With London’s Soho as her daily canvas, Ari describes her street photography style as ‘quick and on the move, full of characters’. She has collaborated with Carnaby Magazine, ACE Club, Sonos, Google Pixel and House of Peroni to name a few. In 2015 she was one of British Airways photography competition winners, which led to her shooting part of their campaign in Positano, Italy. The image she shot was afterwards displayed on Piccadilly Circus’s famous neon billboard and all over London Underground. One of Ari’s biggest highlights from 2019 was having her work feature in the award-winning Trope London Book, and being part of Trope’s London Exhibition.

Ari has been a regular contributor in My Soho Times print magazine since its Winter 2019 launch, capturing the essence and people of Soho in a distinct candid style.

Ari’s Photography for My Soho Times

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