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What started out in 2012 as a blog (later re-branded in 2015) to document a collection of memoirs about living in Soho for over a decade… and general ramblings about life in the most dynamic corner of the world, has quickly turned into something much more EXCITING!

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In the lead-up to lockdown being lifted soon, it’s all systems go getting our sister publication, My London Times, ready for take-off…


Being a freelance creative can be lonesome, and even more so when you throw in ‘lockdown’ and ‘WFH’ into the mix. We’ve created WFN to offer a supportive network for freelancers in the creative industries with links to London’s West End. Join us on Thursdays Fortnightly at 6pm.


If Soho is at the heart of your business – My Soho Times should be your entry point into the community. Partner with us!

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If brand awareness is what you’re looking for, we offer the most competitive PR & Marketing rates to help you reach your goal of being seen.


If Soho is a destination for your daily exercise, why not support the small and independent businesses which have remained open throughout the pandemic to serve the community?… Buy a coffee to accompany your stroll or pickup tonight’s takeaway – that’s dinner sorted!

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