Dinner Date: Inko Nito with my vegan date Estelle

One of the perks that comes with my role as editor of a Soho magazine is the opportunity to feed my foodie persona! I’m a believer that food helps us create meaningful connections – especially when shared! For this date night, I invite Estelle, a model from Paris living in London, to join me at…

#PrideIdol: Julius Reuben

“A rainbow flag, it plays such a significant role in my life as it represents what could have been and would have been in my life if… And when I touch it today, I will thank it of its existence and remembering the life of many, including friends of mine who have died quite young…

My Soho Pride 2014

London Pride 2014 has come to an end, though as I’m writing this post at after 1am, I can hear a group of party-goers singing their lungs out “That’s amore…” Pride London might be over, but the Pride party in Soho has no indication to end anytime soon.

Soho goes Gay (1955)… Not much has changed then!

A bit of history about Soho including how it got its name. Overall Soho seems to have changed very little – it’s still full of characters!… Even the Waiter’s Race is back this summer! Stay tuned for more on the event taking place on the 13th July 2014.  

Fight the D word for mental wellbeing

Depression. It’s a taboo in many social circles, and unfortunately the only time it’s mentioned in mine is usually in context to the British weather. But that’s not good enough.