Soho goes Gay (1955)… Not much has changed then!

A bit of history about Soho including how it got its name. Overall Soho seems to have changed very little – it’s still full of characters!… Even the Waiter’s Race is back this summer! Stay tuned for more on the event taking place on the 13th July 2014.  

Fight the D word for mental wellbeing

Depression. It’s a taboo in many social circles, and unfortunately the only time it’s mentioned in mine is usually in context to the British weather. But that’s not good enough.

Soho Square General Practice notice to close down

Soho Square General Practice has been given notice that it will be closed at the end of September 2014 according to The Soho Society. The NHS General Practice located at the Soho Square Surgery at 1 Frith Street has 4,500 patients – myself included.

CSers and me: The real Wahaca!

There’s a small possibility that I’m the envy of my neighbours who, I don’t doubt, peer out of their windows in amazement by the ins and outs of backpackers I welcome into my humble home. It could be that I’m just really cool and have friend all over the world  (proving I’m not a loner)… Or…

A night in Paris… A city to fall in love with or be seduced by?

If it was excitement I was after, I needn’t have left Soho. I’ve experienced it all;  sex, seduction and love. Ok, not so much the latter. Hence why for my birthday last October I decided to leave the lure of London for a night in Paris… originally published on Travel Making Kai Across the English Channel…