Short But Not So Sweet – Paapa Essiedu Takes The Lead In Award-winning Mini-Thriller, FEMME

“There’s always gonna be boys that will hurt ya,” Jordan’s dad opens Femme with this foreboding statement, igniting immediately a sense of imminent danger. Crime thrillers conventionally have been dominated by cisgender, heterosexual masculine narratives, but Femme writers and directors Ng Choon Ping and Sam H. Freeman centralise the queer, femme experience against a backdropContinue reading “Short But Not So Sweet – Paapa Essiedu Takes The Lead In Award-winning Mini-Thriller, FEMME”


It was a dark and stormy February night. Outside that is. Inside Soho’s Ham Yard Hotel it was a whole other story. 10 of them in fact, but we’ll come to that. Gillian Smith took shelter at the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund launch for a fresh perspective on British stories…

Where Have All of Soho’s LGBT Bars & Clubs Gone?

The final step of England’s roadmap out of lockdown is in sight – 19th July! With Soho being the hub of London’s LGBTQ+ scene once offering a diversity of nightlife entertainment, Tim Baros questions the disappearance of some of Soho’s most infamous and discreet gay and lesbian venues… “where have all of Soho’s LGBT barsContinue reading “Where Have All of Soho’s LGBT Bars & Clubs Gone?”