Women’s Safety in Soho: Is Anywhere Really Safe?

Soho’s shadowy corners and its seedier side have been glamorised for decades. They have  become part of the folklore that continues to attract visitors to the area. But the area’s dark alleyways and its role as a centre for late night entertainment has an impact on how people who live, work and visit the area feel aboutContinue reading “Women’s Safety in Soho: Is Anywhere Really Safe?”

4 Tips to Release Natural Energy | My Soho Times

So, your New Year’s resolution to get fit came to an abrupt stop – if it even saw the light of day! Don’t fret – a new season brings with it a fresh slate. We’ve called upon Ophelia Bird, Senior Coach at F45 Soho for tips to get your mojo in motion again with aContinue reading “4 Tips to Release Natural Energy | My Soho Times”

Giving Back this Christmas with Co-op | My Soho Times

As Christmas Day draws ever closer, there are a few things which are inevitable; the tree is up – tick, Christmas shopping is done(ish!) – tick, gifts are wrapped – tick… checking up on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours? tick, tick, tick!

Discover the Healing Power of Infrared with the HigherDose PEMF Mat

I’ve become a Doser; a term of endearment for someone who’s totally in awe of their HigherDose product/s – and addicted to the sweat powered by infrared… Because if the Goop Queen Gwyneth Paltrow is onboard, ranking “sweat daily” as her Top 3 Wellness Tip – this is a good ship – or PEMF matContinue reading “Discover the Healing Power of Infrared with the HigherDose PEMF Mat”

A Cosy Nook in The Heart of Soho: London Clinic of Hypnotherapy

We reflect on the past year with ‘Takeaway Stories‘; local people share what they’ve taken away from navigating through a pandemic… Lydia Johnson, founder of London Clinic of Hypnotherapy starts off the series.

Clemmie’s Big Spring Clean: For the Mind, Body, and Home

With it being a year since the first lockdown, most of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before. So we could all probably do with a little (or large) Spring Clean – but why should our homes get all the attention? Surely our bodies and minds deserve a little spruce upContinue reading “Clemmie’s Big Spring Clean: For the Mind, Body, and Home”

What Will It Take To Get Us All Back In The Office? | My Soho Times

Our city is opening up again after a long lockdown – great news! But what does that mean for the workplace? Award winning Career Coach and Culture Change Expert, Suzy Sallam shares insight to the question we’re all wondering… What will it take to us all back in the office?

Giving Back this Christmas | My Soho Times

The Tier 4 lockdown in London and Southeast announcement has left a grey cloud over our heads. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining – it’s up to us to see it!