We regularly host a wide spectrum of events; networking socials, panel talks, influencer s’ network for new openings / seasonal launches. If you’ve got an event idea you’d like us to host on your behalf please get in touch

Past Events hosted by My Soho Times

2021 Online events

4th March 2021

4th March 2021

11th March 2021

18th March 2021

This event has ended

My Soho Times Contributors’ Workshop dinner | 22.01.2020

A workshop for bloggers, creatives and influencers to plan the the Spring issue of My Soho Times magazine.

Interested in being a contributor? Please email



My Soho Times membership card

We organise exclusive events for My Soho Times membership holders – anyone can join if you LIVE WORK PLAY (interpret the latter as you wish!) in Soho and neighbouring areas. CLICK HERE for more info on our membership card (available to anyone for a £15 annual fee)


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