Soho is Open

Amathus 113-117 Wardour Street

Soho is almost unrecognisable during the COVID-19 lockdown. A district which on any given day is heaving with people, suddenly resembles a ghost town… However if there’s any sense of normality, it’s due to the small independent businesses which have stayed open to serve our community with essential items. They’ve given us a reason to step outside and stretch our legs for a short stroll. They’ve made Soho a destination for daily exercise limits for those outside the its perimeters.

I Camisa & Son 61 Old Compton Street

We’ve updated our spring issue (yes – we finally went to print, look out for your copy!) to include some of the local businesses open in Soho. As lockdown restrictions ease and more businesses open, we’ll use this page to keep you updated.

Watsons Pharmacy (temporally moved from Soho Healthcare Centre) 72 Charing Cross Road

What’s open in Soho W1?

These businesses remain *open during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve the our community!

Amathus 113-117 Wardour Street

Soho Dairy Berwick Street Market

Fruit & veg (usually at Berwick Street Market) temporally in the shed at the end of Peter Street

Hobson’s Fish & Chips 27 St Anne’s Ct

Cookhouse Joe 55 Berwick Street

Watsons Pharmacy (temporally moved from Frith Street Soho Healthcare Centre) 72 Charing Cross Road

Rippon News 88 Dean Street

Co & Ko 72 Berwick Street

Bagel Bakery Bar 54 Wardour Street

I Camisa & Son 61 Old Compton Street

Make Mine 86 Dean Street

Nala Japanese Restaurant 1 Lower John Street

Loon Fung Supermarket Gerard Street, Chinatown

Whole Foods Market Glasshouse Street

Tesco Dean Street

*Open for take away only. Restrictions and opening hours apply.

Is there an Soho-based business we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!

Bagel Bakery Bar

All photos by Kai Lutterodt @the.soho.girl.

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