Fancy a cuppa?

Brits drink a whopping 165 million cups of tea each day, ranking us in the top 5 tea-drinking countries across the globe! Often referred to in British slag as a “cuppa”, which is basically short for cup of tea.

Here are some other definitions of “tea” in British society:

Tea – evening meal (can also be referred to as supper or dinner)
Afternoon tea – a collection of classic British sandwiches and cakes served with tea
High tea – early evening meal with savoury food and some cakes, served with tea
Cream tea – combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam served with cups of tea

Now how to make that perfect cuppa, according to experts:

Making the perfect cup of tea:

1. Use freshly boiled water to pour over your tea bags or tea leaves

2. A warmed ceramic pot is ideal, but mugs and cups do nicely

3. If you are making tea in a mug, add the milk later (because cold milk will lower the temperature so tea won’t brew in your mug as well); if pouring already steeped tea from a pot into cups, then it is fine to have a splash of milk in first.

4. Anything between two to five minutes (this particularly varies on personal preference)

5. Let the tea cool a little first, ideal sipping temperature is between 60 – 65C.

Now you’ve made your perfect cuppa… don’t forget to reach for the biscuit tin!

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