TalentBanq Curates Live Music Gig at The Cocoa Vaults, Convent Garden

About Last night too

… from 100 years of the Negroni cocktail celebrations on the mezzanine of Henrietta Hotel, to live music in the basement of  Hotel Chocolat‘s event space ‘The Cocoa Vaults‘ – perhaps Convent Garden’s best kept music venue secret!

The Cocoa Vaults heating up with Morganway

Attending events is no doubt one of the perks of being the creator of My Soho Times – I get invites to some really cool places. The not so perky side however, is when I can’t be at more than one place at the same time (I mean, I know I sometimes think I’m Superwoman but this is one defeat I hold my hands up to). So when my mate Ray Jones aka Mr London, CEO of TalentBranq sent me an invite which only went out to a ‘chosen few‘, I was contemplating on how I’d make it since I had a prior engagement (to expertly sip cocktails at the opening of The Experimental Negroni Club in Henrietta Hotel)… However with both events in Convent Garden – a hop skip and jump from Soho, I made it just in time to catch Morganway end the gig with an electrifying set. Now that’s now you rock-out an eventful night!… Mic drop!

Morganway band ©Jonathon Cuff
Morganway band
Morganway band ©Jonathon Cuff
Morganway band
Photos ©Jonathon Cuff

Talentbanq at The Cocoa Vaults

Photos ©Allan McKay

Three awesome artists gave short 30 minute sets in an incredible space below Hotel Chocolat on Monmouth Street (Seven Dials) Covent Garden. On stage in one of the most intimate spaces in London was; Fergus, Joe Slater and Morganway. In the words of Ray Jones A line up that could sell out huge venues!!

Another great networking opportunity to share with guests I met about the upcoming launch of My Soho Times magazine. One of those guests I spoke to explained mentioned to the venue’s past history as music venue which now now been revived to it’s former use… That guest happened to be the CEO and Co-founder of Hotel Chocolat himself – Angus Thirlwell!… I feel a Hotel Chocolat editorial coming soon!

The live music show kicked off at 6.30pm and was all done before 10pm… Who said a great night out has to mean a late one?

Keep an eye out for more live music gigs from Talentbanq visit www.talentbanq.com

📍Hotel Chocolate / The Cocoa Vault 4 Monmouth St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HB. Visit the website CLICK HERE


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