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Our guest date and blogger, Naciza Masikini shares her experience dining at Fafa’s on a Friday night…

My Soho Times | Fafa's
Naciza at Fafa’s in Covent Garden

Fafa’s is located a short walk from Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square station, and its central location is a great start for Fafa’s flagship UK location. Hailing from Finland, Fafa’s offers a selection of middle eastern inspired dishes that are healthy and don’t break the bank. On the menu you’ll find beef, chicken, lamb, falafel, prawn and as a seafood lover, I was thrilled to see salmon on a menu for under £10.

My Soho Times | Fafa's

Kai, aka The Soho Girl, and I ventured to Fafa’s on a Friday night to see what they had to offer. The restaurant is a quick shop – think an upscale food truck come to life meets a kick back with friends. For a modest sized space, I couldn’t believe how packed Fafa’s was, they definitely could have had a bouncer and charge for entry on a Friday night! Despite the lack of seating, Fafa’s is really set up as a takeaway joint- it filled with people standing, eating and chatting with friends. There were groups of friends who were there before us, and were still there when we left. Mind you they were standing and I can’t remember the last time I stayed in a restaurant to eat that I couldn’t sit in, so you know that Fafa’s must have something special.

My favourite part of the store (besides the food) was the playlist- courtesy of staff member Ann. A delectable mix of early millennial bangers, dancehall, grime, Afrobeats and pop, not only was it banging- it really made me feel like I had just gone to my friend’s flat to eat, chill and have a good time. The music complimented the food and the aesthetic of the shop, which is ordained with hanging plants, minimalist menus and seasonal decor. The Friday night dining experience was orchestrated in a way that made it difficult for you to want to go home after collecting your order (that and Fafa’s complimentary house cocktail- a frozen lime and tequila drink)!

My Soho Times | Fafa's

Fafa’s staff showered everyone with their house cocktail (I may actually start a petition to get it added to their permanent menu) and falafel. This was a great combination to help you mull over the menu and stave off any starvation brain menu choices. Fafa’s primary offerings are its pittas, salads and Mezze box, which unlike some Mezze boxes, theirs comes pre-assembled. I opted for the salmon pitta, which came packed with harissa, eggplant and salad to name a few with a side of falafel (the samplers hooked me) and Kai ordered the Mezze box and sweet potato fries (which were delicious with tzatziki). Unsure of what to drink (we were in between the house drink refills) we asked one of the guys who’d been in the store for a recommendation and got a cocktails in a can. Turns out he’s friends with the staff and comes to help out.

Fafa’s has a community vibe which is unexpected for a takeaway shop but highly appreciated. The salmon pitta was delicious but sadly Fafa’s, like many places hasn’t found the secret assembly technique that distributes the contents evenly so inevitablyI ended up finishing the salmon before my pitta. The falafel and sweet potato fries were great compliments to the mains.

An added bonus, everything the food was served in and with was also eco-friendly paper box, wood cutlery and paper straws. Fafa’s is also open for breakfast and you can score a free coffee with your choice before 11:30.

My Soho Times | Fafa'sMy Soho Times | Fafa'sMy Soho Times | Fafa's

With its affordable eats and chill atmosphere Fafa’s is a great spot to grab a quick bite or join in on the fun and chat with friends just be forewarned you may not be able to find a seat.

📍Fafa’s, 1 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9DA www.fafas.co.uk

Written by Naciza Masikini

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