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So… our precious freedom is finally here and the urge for a city break is strong.  I think it’s fair to say most of us are keen to get out and about, see the sights, and then sit at a table sipping a drink watching the world go by, continental style.

One small problem, it’s hard to find a non-Brit metropolis you can actually swoop down into at the moment, and sadly we have no idea how long this will be the case. But we’re all about solutions here at My Soho Times and the one that springs immediately to mind is to get serious about exploring our very own capital city.

Now is the perfect time to do more than scratch the surface of old – and new – London Town and really get to grips with our locale.  And we’re not just talking about Soho here, fascinating as it was and is. Street after street is just waiting for your undivided attention further afield.

If, however, you’re looking for something a little more personalised than leaping on a tourist bus and sticking to set routes whilst simultaneously sitting stationary in one of London’s legendarily unyielding traffic jams, then it’s time to acquaint yourself with the joys of Vox City Walks.

Vox is a perfect blend of tech and trek. It’s a app that makes up a network of walking tours, using the concept of “Hop On, Hop Off” run successfully by tourist buses for decades. The difference is, this is all on foot, so better for the environment, and mental and physical wellbeing.

The service operates on a circuit of routes and is guided by local experts who bring the city to life with compelling storytelling There are three different guided walks in London: London Landmarks, West End & Royalty and London By Night. There are also seven self-guided tours included in the price (they work offline): Parks & Palaces, Tower & Thames, Jack The Ripper, The Notting Hill Walk, The Bloomsbury Walk, The Kensington Walk, The City Walk.  

Customers can leave a guided walk at any point and use the unique audio and navigation functions within the app to self-guide, before locating their nearest local expert and re-joining when they like. The content is powered by GPS technology, so it’s impossible to get lost. Tickets are available on a 24, 48 and 72 hour basis, which is great for those who need a more flexible approach.

The knowledge awaits, so why not lace up those walking shoes and hit the streets, phone in hand. It might be just the city break we all need.  

Book your place: www.voxcitywalks.com/destinations/london-city-tours

Written by Gillian Smith. Photos courtesy of Vox City Walks

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