FrightFest Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Nothing can kill the Spooky Season… so shake off those summer cobwebs, throw on your Michael Myers mask and embrace the hair-raising horrors to come with Frightfest Halloween.

The UK’s Number One destination for the fantasy community is open for business once more with nine brand-spanking new features from Friday evening on October 29 to all day Saturday October 30 at the Cineworld, Leicester Square.

Laugh in the goriest places, shriek out loud time after time, gasp at the star guests and rub your eyes with disbelief at the sights and sounds on offer… ones that will live in your dark hearts forever. Because as every true horror fantasy fan knows, it’s the job of FrightFesters to keep Halloween alive and screaming 24/7, 3/6/5.

Time to go for broke, revel in all the pumpkin lunacy and raise merry hell…. it’s all there lurking in the shadows for you.

FrightFest is the UK’s biggest and brightest fantasy and horror film festival. From its first festival in 2000 at the Prince Charles cinema in central London, 22 years later, the festival has evolved into a vibrant community where audiences and guests alike travel from all over the world to be part of the event’s unique atmosphere.

Written by Gillian Smith. This article was originally published in the Autumn issue of My Soho Times magazine. CLICK HERE to view online.

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