My Soho Times on the Radio

We’re On Air!

We’re super excited to announce the monthly My Soho Times show on Soho Radio starting on the 19th November 2019, hosted by The Soho Girl!

This show is a natural extension of My Soho Times magazine, created to give a voice to the people who LIVE WORK & PLAY in the local and surrounding areas. Every month, Kai, aka The Soho Girl, will be sitting down to chat to business owners, Soho influencers, diners, drinkers, party animals and everyone who loves the place as much as we do. We are all things Soho!

The My Soho Times show combines the best of a chat show with local guests plus a selection of music tracks picked by our guests which have a personal connection to Soho! You can listen to our eclectic compilation of music tracks played on our Spotify playlist CLICK HERE!

New 2021 Schedule:

Thursday February 18th

My Soho Times on the Radio Gallery

MST on the Radio.png

Listen to our past shows:

  • 19th November – Guests: Soho Media Club (CLICK HERE to listen)
  • 17th December – Guests: Vicky Nevin – Centrepoint, Nika Garrett – My London Tours, Mark Powell (CLICK HERE to listen)
  • 14th January – Guests: Paul McEvoy – Frightfest founder & horror maesto, Nic Turpin – Street Phographer, Walter Iuzzolino – founder Walter Presents, Ch 4 euro drama series, David Luff – Creative Director, Soho Theatre, Steve Cole – music lover & TV creative. (CLICK HERE to listen)
  • 11th February – Guests: Leo Scott – General Manager at Boulevard, Habeeb Akande – author and sex educator, Kiran Selvakumaran – blogger LondonBeautifulLife (CLICK HERE to listen)
  • 7th March (International Women’s Day Special) – Guests: Nikka Garrett – My London Tours, Nikki Sargent and Vikki Dunn – founders of Farm Group. (CLICK HERE to listen)
  • 10th March – Guests: Oliver Scholte – Oliver Stephens Hair Salon, Jason Gale – Founder of London Lifetsyle Awards, Manthe Penton Harrap – stylist and image consultant. (CLICK HERE to listen)

CLICK HERE to view the Soho Radio schedule.

About Soho Radio

Soho Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from the heart of London. Inspired by Soho’s vibrant and diverse culture, Soho Radio brings together musicians, artists, film makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious, from across the globe.

Soho Radio has grown organically since its humble beginnings in 2014, gathering talent, legends and support along the way. There are no playlists and no adverts, allowing the presenters complete, uninterrupted freedom to broadcast whatever they feel.

For more info visit

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