Soho Square General Practice notice to close down

Soho Square General Practice has been given notice that it will be closed at the end of September 2014 according to The Soho Society. The NHS General Practice located at the Soho Square Surgery at 1 Frith Street has 4,500 patients – myself included. I have been coming to this surgery since I moved to Soho 10 years ago. Within this time I’ve built a trusting relationship with my doctor and the nurses – if the centre closes down I’m forced to uproot to another clinic as will many local residents both young and old in the local area. The NHS centre is a vital community service for local residents – we need to keep it open.

What’s worrying is that patients of Dr Brassey and Dr Cheung of the clinic haven’t been informed about the closure. I happened to find out via a newsletter from The Soho Society inviting patients to come to a meeting to discuss options of contest to the closure of the service. The meeting will take place on Thursday 3rd July at 6.30pm at Soho Parish School, Great Windmill Street.

As much as Soho might seem like the perfect place to live, there are many mental and physical health risks which come with living in such an overwhelming compressed district. It’s therefore more important that we have local NHS doctors nearby and importantly – doctors who have known us for years, and in many cases, decades.



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