24hrs in Milan: Taste Princi

If you had 24hrs in Milan – what would you do? I would eat my favorite Italian… Princi! But if you can’t get to Milan, there’s always Princi in Soho.

If you find yourself in the centre of Milan; sizing architectural wonders such as the Duomo, window shopping through The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, or people watching the fashionistas strut by; be sure to also find your way to Princi – the artisan Milanese bakery.

Join locals as they order a variety of quality fresh bread made from traditional recipes, baked throughout the day in a beech-fired oven. Indulge your gaze as well as your taste buds over the wide choice of deliciousness on offer; from chunky olive fused bread sticks to fresh out of the stone-oven focaccia…

Piazza XXV Aprile, 5 tel. +39 (02) 29060832
Via Ponte Vetero, 10 tel. +39 (02) 72016067
Via Speronari, 6 tel. +39 (02) 874797
Largo la Foppa, 2 tel. +39 (02) 6599013
Corso Venezia, 21 tel. +39 (02) 76008210

Londra Soho: 135 Wardour Street London W1F 0UT

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If you had 24hrs in Milan – what would you do?

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