Sustainable September: Let Vintage Reign

…and at last we have it! A campaign for sustainable fashion: Oxfam, media, businesses and shoppers together are agreed: the trend this months shall be less consumerism and more responsibility… and may I add, more style too!

My Soho Times: Reign Vintage
Writer & content strategist Liza Adebisi shares her season’s picks…

Whilst serious concerns are rising on working conditions in the factories that make cheap clothes for the high street, here is now the additional awareness of the impact clothing industries may have on nature and our ecosystem (Cotton growing, for instance, is responsible for the usage of 22.5% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides, chemicals which can be dangerous for the environment and harmful to the farmers who grow it, according to the Ethical Fashion Forum).

So, when preparing the autumn/winter wardrobe, this September, let’s find a different way for staying stylish and devour less of the world’s precious resources.

Liza at Reign Vintage Berwick St
Albert wearing a vintage suit

Reign Vintage

For my chic and sustainable look this autumn, I am checking out Reign: a little hidden gem on Berwick Street, selling carefully selected garments ranging from the 1940s to the 1990s. David, the co-owner, tells me that the shop is currently ready for the Autumn/Winter season and very much keeping in vogue with the latest trends; in his words: “…whilst fashion always takes from the past, this year we are stocking on flared hems and A-line skirts echoing that cool 70’s look that the main fashion houses are now re-launching.

So why not look at their website and give your apparel a dose of sustainable originality? As Albert (photographed) explains; “If you buy Vintage it’s a lot easier to curate your own individual style!

IMG_20190909_152704 (1).jpg

Words by Liza Adebisi @liza_mine108, Photos by Kai Lutterodt @the.soho.girl

📍Reign Vintage, 12 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0PN

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