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We commissioned local resident Daniel Morgenstern to design an illustration for our dog-friendly cafes feature – and here’s what he came up with!

We loved the illustration supporting the ‘woof friendly’ cafes in Soho & Covent Garden article, written by Jessica Toale (accompanied by her pup Clive the Bulldog), so much we asked Daniel to design The Soho List cover – our new downloadable listing!

Daniel said of the design; “I collected the logos of the businesses mentioned on the listings spread. I unified the logos (yet kept their individual design), and what I created is a “Thank You flower.” I thought this would be an appropriate way to honour the businesses. Honouring, respectful yet fun. This, in my mind, is the spirit of My Soho Times.”

At the core of My Soho Times is the community spirit of those who LIVE WORK PLAY (interpret the latter as you wish) within the local area, and we’re grateful to have Daniel’s input, particularly during this time of uncertainty.

“We will come out of this different, but we will come out stronger. Our values will dictate our needs…” Daniel shared to end our coffee meeting, which happened to be the very venue depicted in the Woof Friendly illustration (spot the B Bagel Bakery Bar coffee cup!)

For more on Daniel’s work visit:

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Words and photos by The Soho Girl. đź“ŤLocation B Bagel Bakery Bar Soho

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