My Soho Times Influencers Network

My Soho Times Influencers’ Network is a complimentary service for influencers allowing us to connect brands with nano to mid-tier influencers and content creators who’ve built a reputation for their expertise on a specific topic.

We’ve been lucky enough to feature some of the most exciting emerging and established London-based content creators on social media! They’re passionate about the work they create and they have a talent for engaging with their audiences… These are the talents brands are waiting to connect with, which is why we decided to set up a Influencers’ Network!

We also offer opportunities for content creators on our data base to have their reviews published in our quarterly magazine – a great entry point into the world of publishing and adds credibility to your name.

Minimum requirement is 1,000 followers and must have a good general knowledge of London lifestyle.

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Let’s get social! #MySohoTimes @mysohotimes

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