200 years of Regent Street

2019 marks a monumental year for Regent Street as the landmark street celebrate its 200th anniversary. Established in 1819, Regent Street has been at the heart of London for two centuries, evolving into a world-renowned destination for shopping, dining and and memorable moments such as it’s iconic Christmas lights. Named after the Prince Regent, throughout itsContinue reading “200 years of Regent Street”

Out and About in Soho: inspiration for blogging!

Hi everyone! Well it’s been a while – hope you don’t feel neglected! I’ve been busy setting up “Let’s do Lunch” – an urban girl’s guide to making contacts (don’t look at me, I have no idea where to even begin)! Part of this project is about networking via social media and what better whyContinue reading “Out and About in Soho: inspiration for blogging!”

Morning glory: the hot mess cleaned up

London Pride took place yesterday, and though I enjoyed the festive atmosphere in Soho I couldn’t help being uncomfortable with the amount of litter there was. The streets of Soho were paved with bottles, beer cans, take away containers and any general rubbish that should have ended up in the bin. Not to mention everyContinue reading “Morning glory: the hot mess cleaned up”

BlackStars bid farewell to World Cup dreams… Ghana must go

I was rooting for Ghana! Well of course I was – I’m Ghanaian after all. And I thought the Black Stars played really well, but unfortunately USA’s 2-1 victory and a 0-0 draw against Germany means they’re out after losing to Portugal 2-1 today. I’m still #TeamAfrica as  Nigeria and Algeria qualify into the final 16! AndContinue reading “BlackStars bid farewell to World Cup dreams… Ghana must go”

The Better way: #GetBiggerProject with Kinho

My best friend was in town for a week and it didn’t take much persuasion to get a personal training session from the Brazilian account manager and #GetBiggerProject founder – Marcus Alvares (or as I call him, Kinho)! We headed to Better gym on Marshall Street bright and early for a bigger, better workout. Now,Continue reading “The Better way: #GetBiggerProject with Kinho”

When Boris biking goes wrong… (and a Brazilian guy)!

When the sun’s out, there’s no better way to get around London than with a Barclay’s bike – or as Londoners have nicknamed them, Boris bike in honour of our London Mayor. With my best friend Kinho in town from São Paulo Brazil for just a week,