Soho x Talk at Wagamama October Social

We ended October on a high with an official coming out of the closet for our very first networking social! Soho x Talk (Soho Times Talk) is the events branch of My Soho Times where we organise networking socials for members, in restaurants and business venues around Soho, starting each event with a panel talkContinue reading “Soho x Talk at Wagamama October Social”

Out of excuses: Shuck ‘N’ Jive spotlights the racial inadequacies in the theatre industry

Writer and theatre lover Rosario Blue shares her take on Shuck ‘N’ Jive currently showing at the Soho Theatre.

Lady Jane plaque unveiled to celebrate the first Women’s Boutique to open on Carnaby Street in the Swinging Sixties

Tony Shrimplin of The Museum of Soho explained, to see Soho’s history you have to look up… And so it was with great pleasure to join him and other neighbourhood locals for the unveiling of the Lady Jane green plaque displayed above 29 Carnaby Street, on Thursday 10th October.

We’re out of the closet: My Soho Times rebranded!

It’s just over a year that a Soho resident had an idea to create a blog which showed Soho from the perspective of a local! Taking on board the gap in the blogosphere for a blog that links visitors to those who know Soho the best – My Soho Times is back; revamped, rebranded and out ofContinue reading “We’re out of the closet: My Soho Times rebranded!”