CSers and me: The real Wahaca!

Mexican doll from WahacaThere’s a small possibility that I’m the envy of my neighbours who, I don’t doubt, peer out of their windows in amazement by the ins and outs of backpackers I welcome into my humble home. It could be that I’m just really cool and have friend all over the world  (proving I’m not a loner)… Or it could be that I just really enjoy hosting Couchsurfers (and maybe I get a kick out of knowing my neighbours are peeping in bemusement) – plus, I’m cool!

So it wasn’t before long I had another group of CSers coming to visit. This time a brother and sister from Mexico. I loved Miguel’s couch request – it was evident that he’d read my profile fully (because I don’t host just anybody). My amazing couchsurfers from Mexico City – Miguel and his sister Rebecca arrived full of central American charm, I was practically begging them to stay the remaining days they had in London instead of wasting money on a hostel.

During their stay ‘couchsuring’ in my living room, they treated me to a simple but delicious Mexican tapas – mashed beans layered on sliced baguette, topped with fried chorizo, cheese and tangy chilli salsa for those flavours to dance together… Delicioso! We also went salsa dancing at Bar Salsa  on Charing Cross road and that was more or less my contribution towards being a host and it seemed to be enough for them- I love non-demanding guests!

They presented me with a gift before departing; a traditional doll from Oaxaca (Wahaca) Mexico!

Now that’s how you do Mexican in Soho… Otherwise Wahaca eatery on Wardour Street is a close second!

Gracias amigos x

Any thoughts on couchsurfing? Let me know by leaving a comment below x

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