Morning glory detox juice: apple burst

20140627-101118-36678268.jpgIf an apple a day keeps the doctor away, why not start yours with this refreshing detox apple juice with a lime and ginger twist!Get your morning off to a bursting start with this refreshing zangy detox juice which is quick and easy to make. I keep my fruit and veg in the fridge so they’re already chilled and there’s even less hassle to add ice or wait for my juice to chill in the fridge…

2 apples (I used Pink Lady)
1 small cube of ginger (adjust according to size – I love ginger)
2 sticks of celery
1/2 lime (preferably preferably peeled but I did a lazy girl version without peeling)
Teaspoon sprinkling of linseed (ground or whole) sprinkle on juice

Have your Juicer and all compartments ready. Depending on your juicer you can slice or put the apples in whole. Ideally wedge the ginger cube, half lime and celery in between the apples to to get the most juice out of them.

Bliz on a speed according to your juice machine (I used 2 on my Russell Hobbs).

Serve chilled in a glass and sprinkle the linseed a on top.

My first juice recipe shared… That wasn’t so hard so I might do this more regularly. Goodness knows I need to detox anyway!

Enjoy your Morning Glory detox juice. I’m now fired up to go to the gym.

Have a lovely day! x

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