“We’ve got more talent in our kitchens than most companies have in their boardrooms” Meet the Farm Group co-founders

Part of our Soho Female Founders series, Nicky Sargent and Vikki Dunn share insight into being co-founders of Farm Group.



Co-founder – with partner-in-crime Vikki Dunn – of the immensely successful The Farm Group, leaders in television post-production services. Not content with carrying all before them in Soho, their reach now extends Westward to Bristol (and Los Angeles) as well as all points North to Manchester.

You have a majority-female board. Have you always liked working with women?
We took the best people and a lot of them happened to be women. Now you’re seeing whole production teams and a lot of companies that are run by women. So for people with talent in the field, it’s a really strong time for them.

Is it still a fun industry to work in?
It still attracts really keen, young, talented people and it’s always great hanging out with them. I hope you can pick up there’s a nice happy vibe here. The Farm has its own film festival with proper prizes and great judges. We’ve got more talent in our kitchens than most companies have in their boardrooms.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Drink less! And be kind…

Farm co-founders


Farm Group co-founder and dedicated Soho girl, there’s not much Vikki Dunn doesn’t know about TV post-production. The group has four central London facilities and offers services in Bristol, Manchester and Los Angeles. First post-production house on Mars, anyone?

Why did you decide to strike out on your own and co-
found a company back in 1998?

We’d had so many changes of management and it just became inevitable. We thought we’d try and be masters of our own destiny. At that age you’re fearless and feel you can take on the world and I don’t think we ever had any doubt that we’d achieve it.

Even in 1998 when you founded The Farm, Soho was costly. Did you ever consider locating your start-up outside the area?
No, it never entered our heads. You had to be in Soho. People wouldn’t cross the road to Fitzrovia. It’s the best place to work… and we don’t like to be too far from Liberty’s!

How has your industry changed over the years?
It’s changed quite a bit. There’s more remote working now but a lot of the skills are the same, it’s just data not film now. We’ve always worked across all the genres – scripted, non-scripted, comedy, drama, documentaries and shiny
floor shows.

Written by Gillian Smith. Photos Kai Lutterodt

Listen to our Soho Radio International Women’s Day interview with Nicky and Vikki (from 43:19)

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