Old Compton Brasserie is Back and Better Than Ever

Tim Baros takes us on his culinary experience dining at the Old Compton Brasserie after its recent re-opening since lockdown…

It was surely missed during the COVID lockdown – but to be back there, on opening day – July 4th – and to be greeted by Max, one of the best restaurant managers in town – was just what the doctor ordered. And it was like the past 4 months hadn’t happened. On the many times I have eaten there I have always had impeccable service and impeccable food, and an impeccably great time, and July 4th was no exception.

Treated like a welcomed guest by Max and his international staff, I couldn’t wait to tuck into many of their signature dishes. While there was mass craziness and mayhem on Old Compton Street on that independence day, being inside Old Compton Brasserie was like being a world away. A gentle crowd, full of people who could not look any happier to be there and to finally be out of quarantine and out of their homes – it was quite a scene. Gok Wan and a gaggle of gays were sat at a table near the back, while a great mix of couples lingered over drinks at the bar. But it doesn’t matter who you are, you will be made to feel special at Old Compton Brasserie.

And their food is just as good as ever. Their OCB Burger was just perfect as I hadn’t had a restaurant burger in too long! I still remember how juicy the meat was, how soft and delicious the bun was, and overall it was just what I was craving, with long skinny fries to make the meal a perfect one. My friend went for their speciality – the Sirloin Steak Frites – a meal that’s typical brasserie but for this place it’s a main must have! In fact, there is something for everyone on their menu, including vegetarian, fish, salads and sandwiches to whet your appetite. And drinks – their drinks are the tops – with whatever you want, they have, including a speciality drinks list called ‘Faces of Soho’ – drinks named after semi-well known Soho characters (the Ruby Venezuela is my personal favourite).

If you’ve walked by recently you’ll have noticed the pedestrianisation of many Soho streets in the evenings and all day weekends. Old Compton Brasserie’s outdoor space is always packed – hence you know it’s one, if not the most popular in the area. We all know the reason why; great ambience, delicious food, amazing staff, and in an excellent location. Old Compton Brasserie – welcome back – we missed you a lot! 

Old Compton Brasserie is located at: 36, 38 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TT

Let us know your favourite item on the menu!

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