9 Autumn Comforts on the Menu | My Soho Times

Snuggle up and get ready to be inspired these 9 foodies who’ve eaten their way through Autumn menus… I hope you’re hungry, it’s likely to be a delivery service kind of night!

Old Compton Brasserie is Back and Better Than Ever

Tim Baros takes us on his culinary experience dining at the Old Compton Brasserie after its recent re-opening since lockdown… It was surely missed during the COVID lockdown – but to be back there, on opening day – July 4th – and to be greeted by Max, one of the best restaurant managers in townContinue reading “Old Compton Brasserie is Back and Better Than Ever”

Lunch Specials: Robata does Japanese fusion

Being a new restaurant in Soho must be a bit like being the new kid in school and having to stand up to introduce yourself… You have lots to prove and the competition to get with the ‘in-crowd‘ must be stiff! However ROBATA have proved themselves to be one of the cool kids – bringingContinue reading “Lunch Specials: Robata does Japanese fusion”