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There is a tiny cafe in Soho that was a lifesaver during lockdown.
B Bagel Soho kept their doors open after our Prime Minister announced a total lockdown of the economy.  They were deemed an essential business (food: i.e. coffee and bagels) and stayed open, and there was literally nothing else open in the West End (except for the grocery stores). And if you, like me, are not a fan of instant coffee, B Bagel was the lighthouse that shone most bright for those of us who needed to get their daily coffee fix – there was simply nowhere else to get coffee (and unfortunately the grocery stores had turned off their Costa coffee machines).

Luckily the coffee (and the bagels) are most excellent at B Bagel – the coffee is smooth and goes down easy and the bagels come in many different varieties with any sort of filling you want. But also excellent were the staff during the strange and unusual lockdown time – they were friendly, warm and welcoming – and with my many visits during lockdown I have gotten to know the staff and have become friendly with them- how many coffee shops do you visit where that happens?

And once the weather got warmer, and April turned into May, more places started opening up – but it was always B Bagel that I returned to time and time again (and still do). So here’s to B Bagel – thanks for staying open during that difficult time. It is a place that I will be forever grateful for and will continue to visit time and time again. 

Written by Tim Baros

đź“ŤB Bagel Bakery Bar 54 Wardour Street, London W1D 4JF

Get your complimentary drink – on the house!

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B Bagel Bakery Bar 54 Wardour Street, Soho. Follow on Instagram @bbagelbakery

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One thought on “B Bagel Bakery Bar Soho | My Soho Times

  1. Camisa, Quality Jimmer’s Fruit & Veg And Soho Dairy remained open through lockdown as well the bagel store so if you are looking to love local life-savers you know where to go.

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