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Whether it’s the lockdown blues, or end of summer slump you’re battling with, Lydia Johnson, founder of London Clinic of Hypnotherapy, shares these steps to help you get your mojo back!

It is safe to say (possibly the surest thing right now), we have all felt bleak and blue at some point during this year. The experience has often been isolating, gloomy and unpredictable and definitely not in the 2020 brochure. We may have lapsed into feeling lonesome, trapped in the monotonous daily news grind – the usual upbeat distractions designed to entertain our frame of mind having evaporated overnight.

You are not alone. The blues, depression, the black dog or whatever you choose to call these hopeless feelings, can knock on our door at any time, it has no qualms or prejudice. Most people go through periods of feeling down, but when you’ve been through a tough time, you can be persistently morose for weeks or months. “Hello lockdown blues….you’ve eeked your way in, please don’t make yourself at home!” Altering your routine and behaviours (even the smallest decisions) changing your physical activity to stimulate endorphins, your food choices and, most importantly your way of thinking, are all natural treatments for depression.

Now Autumn is fruitioning, let’s feel more energised! It is our state of mind that will get us through the next phase and create more resilience.

Mind Management is Paramount. It is vital to learn how to uplift your frame of mind. In sessions with clients, we focus on mind managing thoughts. Once we understand this aspect, lives change, your thoughts are integral to optimum living – make them supportive. By elevating your thoughts, you do not need to go into deep emotion or get involved with the downward spiral. “The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle is essential reading and will set you up.. Important point: you cannot be grateful and depressed at the same time. Gratitude alleviates a negative mindset.

Making time each day to appreciate all you have shifts your focus to the positives in your life. Gratitude is the antidote to fear, anxiety and depression.

Learn to switch off the Netflix boxset of epic stories in your own head. It’s important to wind down and give your mind a break from all the stories we reiterate day after day.

To learn how to do this takes brain power and practice. It’s about creating a space and a time in your day or night to simply stop. Take a hot bath, read a book, prepare some nourishing food, turn off the device and feel connected from within. Turn down the negative noise – you so need to practice this – and tap into the calm and quiet by mediating, walking or yoga.

Eat as much veg as possible and exercise. Gut health awareness. There is a link between junk food and depression. Serotonin (the feel good hormone) is made in the gut and, as a result, poor gut health can impact your mood. You are more likely to develop depression compared to those who eat fresh foods and vegetables. It is likely that the more rubbish we eat, the greater the risk not only of bad digestion but also of depression. Imagine your gut is a compost for your brain and feed it the nutrients it needs to thrive. We all know taking some form of exercise likely has the greatest impact on mood and reducing stress. It’s really hard to feel down after a walk in nature (even 10 minutes makes a difference) and it helps to balance our mood. Write down how you feel before and after a walk – notice the change, a mind elixir that just works.

We offer sessions from our Soho clinic, or online from the comfort of your home. More techniques and tips available – ‘Turn Down Negative Noise Course’ – see our website for details or to book a session www.londonclinicofhypnotherapy.com

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