Soho in Lockdown #3 | My Soho Times

We are so used to seeing Soho alive and vibrant with people hanging out, looking for a place to eat. Perhaps meeting friends in a coffee shop, or later in the evenings queueing up for a performance of Mary Poppins or having a drink or two in a local bar. However that’s all come to stop.

Sure, the summer of 2020 saw the streets full of people dining al fresco, having a wonderful time, but sadly, as these pictures show you, Soho has been a practical ghost town since 2021’s lockdown began. Gone, for now, are the characters who bring colour to Soho, gone are the customers of the many wonderful restaurants and bars that are in the area, and gone is the life, the vibrancy, the fun, that make Soho what it is. Soon enough these images will be distant memory, and the streets will come alive again, and we can return back to our normal lives…

Words and photos by Tim Baros

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