Gok Wan’s Self-care Tips | My Soho Times

Our favourite self-love guru shares these simple tips you can adapt in your daily routine to help you stay switched on by showing yourself some love…

The 30 Second Morning Smile

Smile for 30 seconds first thing in the morning. It tricks the mind into thinking you’re having a good day!

Reflect on Self-Acceptance

Write all the things you hate about yourself on a post-it note and stick on the right hand side of the mirror. the next day when you go to that mirror, you have to be positive About one of those things and move it to the left. Over time you’re going to have Filled it with all the stuff that you will accept.

Self-care hour a week

Give an hour to yourself a week. You can split that down to five minutes, ten minutes or a solid hour. But make sure that you’re investing just a little bit more time and looking after you. whether that is for you to learn calligraphy or to to have a long bath or you’re going to light a candle – you might want to make a candle! You are going to do something which is just about you.

You’re not going to beat yourself up…

because life is f**king tough enough! the more we worry about stuff, the worse it becomes every single time…. You are brilliant. You can do it. You can work these things out. We do it every single day.

This article was originally published in the Winter issue of My Soho Times.

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Let us know how you’ll be spending your Sunday Self-care day!

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