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Vénus Apovo is a force of nature… in every sense! She exudes an aura of confidence through her eyes, her wide smile and most of all her silver locked hair – and not just in her images – but in real life too. Editor in Chief Kai Lutterodt discovers more…

There’s a familiarity about Vénus that I can’t quite put my finger on, then it dawned on me – she looks like me – my sister, my mum, my aunties – a line up of the charismatic, richly melanated, dark-skin women I didn’t grow up seeing in the media. And though Vénus has only been modelling professionally for just over a year, perhaps it’s that ‘like fine wine‘ maturity of being comfortable in your own skin that makes her so memorable.  Of course, if Vénus does look familiar to you, it could also be from the long-as-your-arm list of brand campaigns and TV commercials she’s recently been featured in: TFL, The DocuSign, The Bias Cut – the first age-Inclusive independent online style boutique, and of course – the My Soho Times front cover feature creative directed by fellow mature model, Antony Fitzgerald and shot by Ivan Weiss… Just to name a few!

From the New Silver Generation shoot Photo credit: Ivan Weiss

At 48 years of age, Vénus is proof that age really is just a number – so yes, You Can Model Over 40… and do anything else for that matter, as shared in her blog – with tips and interviews with pros on how to make it in the industry… Now that’s a role model to follow!



Ever questioned if you have what it takes to become a model? Paris-born-London-based model Vénus Apovo has been there-done-that… and blogged about it! Take note!

  • Make the decision – and stick to it: Modelling is time consuming. Between building your portfolio, answering requests and going to castings, time can be very tight so don’t go into it lightly.
  • Do not take things personally: When you start, it can be tough to take the nos. It is not personal, agencies are often waiting to see more of your work, so keep on asking.
  • Be proud: I used to be embarrassed to say, “I am a model” for fear of getting nasty comments and all the prejudices attached to the word ‘model’; truth is now I don’t care anymore. I’m proud.
  • Be Polite: I say this because some people think that being a model means they are better than others. Not so. Be nice and polite, knowing that it should be a life rule anyway.
  • Network: Do not be shy on set and talk to people, it can lead to great friendships and amazing projects and the day goes so much better when you communicate.
  • Don’t be afraid: This is a cool job, there is no need to fret. Mature modelling has an advantage – you are experiences enough not to take any nonsense!
  • Have fun: You are at a stage in life where you know yourself well enough to want only what’s good for you. This job is a playground, enjoy the games.
  • Personality is Key: Your face tells the story, make sure it is seen.

Follow Vénus Apovo’s journey at

IG: @venus_a_officiel

Photo credit: Glenn Davidson. Design: The Soho PR Girl

Written by Kai Lutterodt

This article was originally published in the Autumn issue of My Soho Times. CLICK HERE to view online!

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