Mums are taking action to raise money for Soho’s only Primary School

Yes, Soho does have a primary school. And it’s vulnerable.

Soho Parish School is a lifeline for many working class families in and around the area. Due to limited space in the old Victorian building, pupil numbers are small, which means the school is poorly funded. In addition, they face further Government cuts.

Without financial support from fundraising activities organised by the school and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – Soho Food Feast, for example now in its 10th year, as a major contributor – the school would be in a critical state.


PTA mum Sandra told us: “We have to decide ‘Do we give the children fresh fruit, or do we give them stationary?’ Those are some of the decisions the PTA have to make due to cuts.” The mums of the PTA urge more local businesses will play a part in Soho’s fantastic community spirit by donating money to the school to help build the next generation!

You can donate to the PTA by using this link:


Words and photos by @the.soho.girl

Special thanks to *Hummingbird Bakery for the Mother’s Day cake!

*To minimise the spread of the Coronavirus, many businesses are temporary closed. Please check on online for up to date information on delivery and re-opening dates.

Share your stories with us!

Whether you LIVE WORK or PLAY in Soho, the current situation with Coronavirus has affected us all in some way or another… We’d love to hear how you’re coping, tips for social distancing, and praise for our community champions! If you have a story to share, simply send it by email to with any supporting pictures!

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