“I feel passionately about hypnotherapy and all its attributes” – Lydia Johnson, London Clinic of Hypnotherapy founder


“It is about utilising the power of now, being in the present, conscious thinking and subconscious patterns of behaviour holding you back.”

Tell us a bit about your work as a hypnotherapist and who you help

I support and maintain the lifestyles of busy people, performers, parents, teens and students. I help them let go of their negative noise – it is an effective platform for change.

It is about utilising the power of now, being in the present, conscious thinking and subconscious patterns of behaviour holding you back.

Finiting your thoughts to manifest your life into the way you want it to go. It is uplifting, transformative and effective.

Often when we get stuck, it can feel like wading through treacle and we repeat patterns of behaviour. Awareness of the power of thought, re-setting your mindset and creating daily rituals to keep you on track, it can relieve bad habit thinking and creates a world of difference.

We are powerful creatures, I tap into that and it is a journey… We can even manifest all our desires and have a life that we want to be living in.

What’s your connection to Soho?

I grew up in London – it is definitely home from the core. Soho has never lost the excitement and allure it had when I was growing up. The atmosphere, the independent shops, the long running establishments laced in past decadence and debauchery. It tells a story, even on a cold, damp Monday morning.

I started my practice in Belsize Park and Soho was always on the horizon, a little way off the Harley Street beaten track and a space to bring Hypnotherapy in a more contemporary setting.

Having left London for a good few years to live in Cornwall, I came back with a fresh zeal and vigour and now appreciate London in its many changing guises and ever evolving outfits.

I still leave at the weekend but cannot wait to get back to the throbbing heart beat of Soho, it has changed, but London has been changing for centuries, after all…

What made you want to decide to start your own business?

I feel passionately about hypnotherapy and all its attributes.

I have often felt stuck at times in my life, not understanding why I was repeating old patterns of behaviour….I cannot recommend this form of therapy enough. It is solution focused and you really can re set and re frame a negative mindset, enabling growth and good habit thinking.

Change your thoughts, and you can change all your world around you.

By running my own business, I can be in charge of helping people. I like to make it accessible to all… it should be a service we are all able to access.

It plugs into my core values and if you can be paid to help people, there is no better feeling.

I hope to set up more clinics in the UK and beyond.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of being a woman in your industry?

To be honest, I have never felt my role being advantageous. Regardless of gender, the advantages of being me is I have lived through many tough experiences. This applies to both men and women. I notice how many of clients are suffering burnout and anxiety. In my industry, there are both men and women promoting good mental health.
I do not think gender has made a difference at all.

What advice would you give another women wanting to start a business or become self-employed?

Have a clear vision, something you feel passionately about.Get organised and understand your ideal client. You have to be self motivated and enjoy your own company.

Most importantly trust those womanly instincts!

Confident birds support each other… hang out with them and support your gang and anyone with enthusiasm.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Get to a hypnotherapist as soon as possible, it seriously changed my life after the first session.

Be honest and kind – two consistencies that will go far…and step into your confidence.
It is a choice, even if it doesn’t not feel like that.
Let go of negative noise.
Get a dog.

Struggling to cope during lockdown/quarantine? 

Lydia Johnson specialises in Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, Mindfulness and Meditation. Get up to 50% off hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort of your sofa when you use code MY SOHO TIMES.

London Clinic of Hypnotherapy

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