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We reflect on the past year with ‘Takeaway Stories‘; local people share what they’ve taken away from navigating through a pandemic… meet the owners of My Place Soho!

If you haven’t been to My Place Soho yet, you should go as soon as! Over a hearty brunch or an espresso martini, you get to mingle with Soho locals and old timers in a friendly and buzzing place. Brain – or love – child of two veterans of Soho hospitality, the idea to open a coffee shop probably started as a late night or early morning chat over a drink in one of Soho’s many bars. “You are very good at getting people sober with your coffee, and I am good at getting them drunk,” laughs Sam Maqedonci with his business partner, Dini Shahini.

“It’s a cozy place with good coffee, great lunches and lovely people.” Sam sums it up. “We got so lucky being supported by the neighbourhood,” adds Dimi. “We have the same people coming here every day, we are part of the scene.”

The story of the name itself is the stuff of legends. “When we bought it, it was a sandwich bar. We painted over the sign and had no name for a while,” explains Sam, “We just kept telling people to come to my place until they thought that it was called My Place,” both laugh.

“It’s been really tough,” Sam turns serious when reminiscing about the last year and its impact on hospitality. With limited support from their landlord, a brief respite came from Westminster Council that allowed them to open with tables and chairs outside over the summer to make up some of the lost revenue. “If it wasn’t for Al fresco Dining, we wouldn’t have survived,” Sam says.

“The only positive thing was family time,” adds Dimi, “we are both young fathers and the kids finally had the opportunity to find out who their father is.” Both can’t wait to reopen when restrictions allow. “You can expect a lot of happiness in My Soho Place!” concludes Dimi.


My Place Soho, 21 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0PZ

http://www.myplacesoho.com | @myplacesoho

Written by Kai Lutterodt & Ivo Belohoubek. Photography by Kamil Nowak

This article was previously published in the Spring issue of My Soho Times. Read more from The Takeaway Series online CLICK HERE.

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