A Cosy Nook in The Heart of Soho: London Clinic of Hypnotherapy

We reflect on the past year with ‘Takeaway Stories‘; local people share what they’ve taken away from navigating through a pandemic… Lydia Johnson, founder of London Clinic of Hypnotherapy starts off the series.

“It is about utilising the power of now, being in the present, conscious thinking and subconscious patterns of behaviour holding you back.” Lydia Johnson, founder of London Clinic of Hypnotherapy, eloquently sums up the importance of her practice, busting age-old myths of a coin swaying from a thread.

Lydia Johnson in her Soho hypnotherapy clinic | Photography: Kamil Nowak

Right in the heart of Soho on Marshall Street, amidst the buzz and mayhem of revellers, lies an oasis of peace and healing: The London Clinic of Hypnotherapy. For anyone struggling with addiction issues, the isolation of lockdown has made this burden harder than ever. “The pandemic has actually been a really busy time with clients needing help with anxiety,” Lydia explains.

Whilst others in Soho struggled to stay open or even afloat, Lydia’s clinic has found a way forward both as a business and a service to people navigating their way through uncertain times. “I’ve managed to pivot forward and open our door to a much wider audience through courses – including audio ones – so people can enjoy them from the comfort of their own home.” Lydia continues. Her clinic is cosy and functional, sporting a mini podcast studio where she records her meditation courses.

Lydia Johnson in her Soho hypnotherapy clinic | Photography: Kamil Nowak

The Government’s definition of health services was extended to mental health, which meant that Lydia could keep the clinic open through the recent lockdown. “We focus on things like anxiety, stress, mental blocks; we look at the conscious and subconscious mind,” Lydia explains her approach to hypnotherapy, “and once we understand the root causes, we can really make important life changes.”

Soho is integral to her business growth. “It’s such a wonderful community here! It does feel like home,” Lydia admits to a deep connection with the place. “It’s full of art and upbeat creatives and that inspires me on a day to day basis.”

“My biggest takeaway from the past year is without a doubt living in the now and understanding we really don’t know what’s around the corner and nothing is in our control. Loving and supporting those around us is the best antidepressant I know.” she concludes, with a smile.

Lydia Johnson in her Soho hypnotherapy clinic | Photography: Kamil Nowak

Lydia Johnson specialises in Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, Mindfulness and Meditation. Book your free 20 minute session, visit: http://www.londonclinicofhypnotherapy.com | IG: @londonclinicofhypnotherapy

Written by Kai Lutterodt & Ivo Belohoubek. Photography by Kamil Nowak

This article was previously published in the Spring issue of My Soho Times. Read more from The Takeaway Series online CLICK HERE.

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