Women’s Safety in Soho: Is Anywhere Really Safe?

Soho’s shadowy corners and its seedier side have been glamorised for decades. They have  become part of the folklore that continues to attract visitors to the area. But the area’s dark alleyways and its role as a centre for late night entertainment has an impact on how people who live, work and visit the area feel aboutContinue reading “Women’s Safety in Soho: Is Anywhere Really Safe?”

What is a City but the People?

West End resident, Jessica Toale reflects on the past year… In March last year the shutters came down on London. The once bustling streets were hushed. Restaurants and shops closed their doors for the foreseeable. And we all ran out of toilet paper. The intervening months saw us lurch from hope to despair as theContinue reading “What is a City but the People?”