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So, your New Year’s resolution to get fit came to an abrupt stop – if it even saw the light of day! Don’t fret – a new season brings with it a fresh slate. We’ve called upon Ophelia Bird, Senior Coach at F45 Soho for tips to get your mojo in motion again with a burst of natural energy!… Ready?


Early mornings can be hard…really hard, but waking up at the same time every day is actually proven to improve your sleep. There are sleep apps that you can use to monitor this but if you are anything like me (I get a bit obsessed with them and it counteracts with my ability to sleep), keep it simple and set an alarm for the same time every morning during the week. We are all human so a lie-in on the weekend is acceptable, but you will probably find that your body clock will kick in!


They say, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and in my opinion it is the best meal of the day! During the night we don’t eat so it’s important to replenish your body which will give you that energy boost and set you up for the day. Choose something that will fill you up (I have porridge) and won’t have you snacking throughout the morning. When we go hungry, that’s when we start making bad decisions. I am particularly guilty of this at times!


Drinking water is so important – I cannot stress this enough. Dehydration gives you all sorts of issues ranging from bad headaches to feeling fatigued. Working at F45 Soho, I am constantly on the move and wherever I go, my water bottle comes with me. There are so many health benefits, better skin, more energy, improved brain activity etc. I would recommend drinking at least two liters a day, sounds a lot but remember your body is made up of over 50% water!


Exercise leads to so many health benefits, physically and mentally. Where I train and work, at F45 Soho, there is a huge variety of classes. There are cardio days that are fast-paced and resistance days where you slow it down and focus on lifting heavy! Whatever the class, it is always a challenge and if you come in not feeling 100% you will definitely leave feeling it. There are classes throughout the day to fit everyone’s schedule. If I’m not coaching in the morning, I will usually do 6.30am class which sets me up for the day ahead! Exercise releases so many endorphins and it is essential to mental health. If you’re having a stressful day get your body moving, whether it’s an F45 class, a walk outside or a stretch.

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