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Editor in Chief, Creative Director, Contributor | kai@mysohotimes.co.uk

Kai aka The Soho (PR) Girl is this founder of My Soho Times (and My London Times), which began life as a blog in 2012 (re-branded in 2015, and eventually launched as a print & online magazine in 2019) for her general ramblings about being a millennial living in the heart of London. Soho’s eccentric community has been shaping Kai’s outlook for the past 17 years, and though it took a while to find her calling in the community (she used to think to survive in Soho she needed to be invisible and, ironically, mind her own business), she’s has stepped out of the shadows to be an influential part of her community. Better now than never, right?

Hot Yoga, travel, promoting diversity, savouring flavoursome foods, red wine and networking are just a few of the things The Soho Girl enjoys delving into.

Kai’s articles

The Soho Girl in conversation with Shuck ‘N’ Jive co-writer and cast

I arranged to meet with the co-writer, Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong and cast, Olivia Onyehara and Tanisha Spring, for a conversation which delves a little deeper into the process of writing the piece, and using comedy to display everyday racial inadequacies very much alive in the theatre industry…

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