My Soho Times Autumn 2021


It was earlier this year that I met up with model and fashion icon, Antony Fitzgerald for an al fresco lunch in Soho. We discussed our mutual passions for promoting diversity, yet challenging tokenism. I offered Antony free rein to be creative director and guest editor of our first fashion feature… here’s the result of saying ‘let’s do lunch’!

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Our front page cover is; ‘New Silver Generation‘ (p.19), a movement which I believe has the potential to disrupt the fashion and beauty industry from the inside out. Follow on IG @the.new.silver.generation.

Photography is provided by Ivan Weiss.

Time Flies…

A whole two years has flown by since I launched the pilot issue of My Soho Times. Who could have predicted the turbulence we’d be facing and the ongoing after-effects of the pandemic? From turning my long-standing blog about living in Soho into a print magazine – which is less about me and more about the people who LIVE WORK & PLAY in this neck of woods – I couldn’t have picked a more challenging time to venture into the wonderful world of print.

And though for the first time in six editions, this edition is solely digital (annual subscription members, we’ll extend your membership), we’ll be back next Spring with physical copies and a line of partnerships to match!

I can’t mention the beginning of My Soho Times magazine without extending a big heartfelt thank you to Gillian Smith, our contributing editor. You can catch Gillian every monthly on Soho Radio with the MST Arts Report. For all arts related enquires please email gillian@mysohotimes.co.uk

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Enjoy your read!

Kai aka The Soho PR Girl x

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The Editor’s Note: Women’s Month Special

We’re back again with another season of the Editor’s Note IG Live! Join our editor-in-chief, The Soho Girl, as she unwraps the latest press samples landed on her desk – make that kitchen table – and speaks to their entrepreneurial founders Thursday via the ‘gram!

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8 Things to Love About Soho curated by @LondonBeautifulLife | My Soho Times

There’s so much to love about Soho… @LondonBeautifulLife shares some favourites – from fashion to quite spaces!

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Climbing the Great Wall of China, And Life’s Other Challenges | Editor’s Note

The Soho Girl ushers in the Year of the Ox reflecting on her childhood visit to Beijing China where she got her first bite of the travel bug…

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Y before Ming: Meet Christine Yau, The Woman Running Yming Chinese Restaurant

Behind the facade of Yming, the iconic blue building on Greek Street and Soho’s oldest Chinese restaurant, is its inspiring owner Christine Yau. Voted The Mulan Award winner for Community Woman of the Year, as well as taking on the role of Vice President of the London Chinatown Chinese Association. Iram Khawaja and Kesh Wang took the opportunity to find out about her 35 year history in this neck of the woods.

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Prepare for The Lunar New Year 春节 with The Chinese Foodie | My Soho Times

With Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) around the corner, we asked London-based blogger and Instagramer, Erica Tang @thechinesefoodie to share her top tips on celebrating the New Year – whether you’re out and about (for a stroll of course) or staying in!

I was born in Hubei, China. I moved to London 4 years ago to study, and I now work in the city. My partner is British, we actually met in China, and we cook & eat Chinese food at home mainly, as we used to when we lived there. Working from home since covid has given me a lot more time to cook, to rediscover some of the comfort foods I used to be able to get from street stands in Wuhan, by actually attempting to make them from scratch at home. Before the pandemic, my partner and I used to go to the theatre after work, have meals out in restaurants and Chinatown, and the Soho area has many of our favourite places. 

2021 is a Year of the Ox

February 12th 2021 – January 31st 2022.

Erica Picks

China Exchange provides ample opportunities to understand China, Chinese culture and Chinatown. I’ve been to a few events there, including a rare screening of the 1987 film Ping Pong (filmed in Chinatown). They also organise exhibitions about Chinese art, the history of Chinatown London etc.


Keep an eye on Chinatown’s special festive decorations when the time comes! There’s usually a parade across Chinatown, Trafalgar Square and the West End. Shops and restaurants will also have their own promotions and perhaps special meals to help you celebrate!

(Due to COVID the celebrations will be taking place online. On 14 February, you can enjoy an extravaganza of past Chinese New Year performances in London from home).

Grab a few buns from Bun House – to me they are the best buns in town. The lamb bun is my fav savoury and the custard bun is my fav sweet. Other interesting snacks include Jianbing from Pleasant Lady, and Cantonese pastry from Chinatown Bakery.

Photo by @the.soho.girl | The Pleasant Lady

Milk tea is my go to drink whenever I’m in the Chinatown / Soho area. So many fine choices to choose from including Biju, Xinfutang, Kova, Yi Fang, Woo Tea… And if you love matcha as I do, Tsujiri London is the place for tasty matcha desserts and drinks!

Pictured: matcha desserts from Tsujiri London

I love Four Seasons’ Hog Maw Chicken soup and roast duck. Food House Chinatown has amazing BBQ skewers, grilled fish and hot pot. Jinli, Er Mei and Barshu all do nice Sichuan food. There are so many choices for a lovely festive meal in Chinatown, Soho.

Pictured: Barshu

Erica’s Lamb & Coriander Dumpling Filling

Ingredients list:

  • Approx 300g lamb mince
  • Chopped coriander (I used 2 handfuls)
  • Chopped spring onion whites (1 handful)
  • 1.5-2 tbsp spice water (pre-boil with some star anise, sichuan peppercorn, and cumin)
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp cooking wine,
  • Some finely chopped ginger


1. Mince in oil, add 1-2 tsp spice water, stir in one direction for 1-2 mins.

2. Repeat step 1 a few times until stringy (you can use chopsticks or a fork but I find it easy to just use my hand).

3. Add in the other ingredients and seasoning and mix well.

4. Wrap with store bought wrappers or make your own (for 100g flour use 50-60g water, plus a pinch of salt).

5. Boil or pan fry and serve with some vinegar and chilli oil


Follow @thechinesefoodie for more recipes and honest reviews!

How will you be celebrating Chinese New Year? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

This article was originally published in the Winter issue of My Soho Times.

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Future Incubators and Accelerators Conference addresses the use of technology help solve the challenges the world faces due to Covid-19

Florence Keelson-Anfu shares highlights from the Future Incubators and Accelerators (FIA) Conference 2020 where keynote speakers and panellists discussed how technology can help us solve the challenges the world faces due to COVID-19, and how this may shape the role of incubators and accelerators in 2021 and beyond. The virtual conference took place on Wednesday, 16th December, 2020.

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3 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Kickstart Your Dry January | My Soho Times

Whatever your your reasons for giving up alcohol – a New Year’s resolution for a healthier you, or to simply detox from weeks of festivities – join millions around the UK start 2021 with the alcohol-free challenge, Dry January. We’ve selected these three drink brands we think you’ll love!

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Behind the Scenes of Soho Is Open Christmas Video | My Soho Times TV

Here we go again – another lockdown… However we couldn’t have predicted the move into Tier 3, and swiftly into Tier 4, just days after filming our Christmas campaign celebrating Soho being open again in time for Christmas…

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Giving Back this Christmas | My Soho Times

The Tier 4 lockdown in London and Southeast announcement has left a grey cloud over our heads. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining – it’s up to us to see it!

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Brunch at Blacks: Soho’s Oldest Members’ Club | My Soho Times

Brunch is latest food craze to hit the capital, and it has comfortably found a home in London’s foodie capital – Soho! If you’re looking for a unique and exclusive venue to for a brunch date over the weekend – we highly recommend booking at table at Blacks to try their stunning new Brunch menu!

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Sneak Peek Inside the Winter Issue | My Soho Times

“Choose a career you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…”

Well, whoever gave that advice forgot the small print – you’ll work double as hard!

Photo credit: Clancy Gebler Davies

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Someone of Soho Lights Up Oxford Street this Winter | My Soho Times

Someone of Soho

By Richard Piercy

If you’re heading to the Westend for the Christmas shop, be sure to venture into ‘Soho end‘ of Oxford Street for an informal introduction to 100 people with a connection to Soho, via the Someone of Soho digital exhibition on the Flannels building. The giant installation on the corner of Poland St and Oxford St displays black and white portraits with first names and a signature hashtag: the work of photographer Richard Piercy.

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My Soho Times winter Gift Guide 2020

We’ve been busy putting together this special gift guide ahead of our winter issue – just in time for our spirits to be lifted as lockdown 2.0 ends! You’ll find a selection of diverse gifts and ideas to for that perfect present – be it for your loved ones, friends… or a treat for yourself this winter!

We’re proud to once again support Centrepoint and the work they do for young homeless people. Make a difference in the life of a young homeless person this winter by giving a donation.

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Everything included has been tried and tested (we started the festivities a little early this year) so we’re confident you’ll find something you love, or will love to give!

Don’t forget to show yourself some love too! Our Winter issue cover star & fave self-love style guru, Gok Wan, shares 4 simple tips to help you stay switched on in the coming winter months!

Gillian Smith, Contributing Editor’s Note

The most magical season of the year is upon us once again, even though it hardly seems a year since last Christmas, with everything that’s happened over the past 10 months or so. With that in mind and in the wake of the second lockdown, making up for lost time seems to be the order of the day right now.  

So if you’re looking for a little help to make your Yule cool, look no further than the My Soho Times Winter Gift Guide.  It’s all in here… and I’m not going to spoil the surprise by giving away too much. Unlike some of the amazing independent retailers in our guide.  So grab yourself a copy or download it now… and join in the countdown to Christmas!

My Soho Times winter gift guide front cover: The Carnaby Christmas installation ‘Choose Love in Carnaby‘ | @carnabylondon. Cover photo: Tareq Mooradun | @tmnikonian. Double page spread photo: David Parry

We hope you enjoy this special edition we put together to inspire the gift of giving, supporting local and independent businesses, and celebrating our joint achievements of getting through a very challenging year… to be in the present.

Season’s greeting from us at My Soho Times!

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Behind the Scenes of Soho Is Open | My Soho Times TV

And here we have it – the soft launch of My Soho Times TV! And idea which the second lockdown almost put to bay, until we realised it’s now more than ever that we need to reach audiences visually via our digital platforms.

We partnered with BoomCityTV to produce Soho Is Open (for take away), and film our winter issue interview with Tony Philips aka Tony the Soho Tailor.

Head over to our YouTube channel for more short vids from the businesses we featured. Don’t forget to Subscribe and comment!

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Looking back at My Soho Times Launch Party

You can’t launch a magazine in London’s party playground without throwing a party so My Soho Times threw not one, but two events to celebrate in Soho’s iconic Experimental Cocktail Club and the The Piano Bar Soho!

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The Survival of Berwick Street Market | My Soho Times

Another lockdown. And once again the only visible evidence that a market exists on Berwick Street is the Soho Dairy stall standing alone without its peers. Before lockdown 2.0 Robin Smith gave us a glimpse of what’s happening to the West End’s oldest market…

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My Soho Times Influencer Network

My Soho Times Influencer Network is a complimentary service for influencers allowing us to connect brands with nano to mid-tier influencers and content creators who’ve built a reputation for their expertise on a specific topic.

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“As a fashion designer, I explore and raise awareness of social issues worldwide…”

As part of our Soho Female Founders series we caught up with Sarah Hollebon, a Savile Row trained tailor and mental health activist, in her studio just off Carnaby Street…Continue reading ““As a fashion designer, I explore and raise awareness of social issues worldwide…””


A Taste of the Orient London | My Soho Times

We invited filmmaker Ivo Belohoubek to be our guest blogger and share his experience dining at the Orient London in China Town… Real people – real opinions – about real food!

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Meet chef Nieves Barragan: “Sabor means Flavour” | My Soho Times

Ivo Belohoubek speaks to Nieves Barragan about gaining a Michelin Star for Sabor, growing up in her mum’s kitchen and giving back…

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My Soho Times Fundraiser is now LIVE!

When I created My Soho Times as a blog in 2012, the main objective was to share my experience living in the bustling heart of London… By 2015 I decided I didn’t want it to be just about me, but rather the amazing people who LIVE WORK PLAY (interpret the latter as you wish!) in Soho!

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Back to Biz: A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

With a decade’s worth of experience working with SMEs and startups, Lua Cooper – Founder & Principal Consultant at Greengage, shares some advice on simple ways to get your business back on track again.

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Overcoming the Lockdown Blues | My Soho Times

Whether it’s the lockdown blues, or end of summer slump you’re battling with, Lydia Johnson, founder of London Clinic of Hypnotherapy, shares these steps to help you get your mojo back!

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Soho’s Urban Biodiversity | My Soho Times

Dr Luke Dixon of Urban Beekeeping shares insight into Soho’s often unspoken biodiversity and tips on how we can do our part to save the bees…

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Mark Powell: The Art of Looking Dapper | My Soho Times

As the spring sun arrives, we look back on our winter issue to the man who graced our first issue front cover… Mark Powell shares The Art of Looking Dapper.

My Soho Times MARK_POWELL | Photo by Lewis InmanContinue reading “Mark Powell: The Art of Looking Dapper | My Soho Times”


Ray Jones is The Talent Banquer | My Soho Times

My Soho Times | Ray Jones
The Soho Girl in conversation with Ray Jones at L’Escargot

He has earned the nickname ‘Mr London‘ for his hard graft in the hospitality and entertainment industry over the decades. At My Soho Times, we call him The Talentbanqer… Ray Jones is on a mission to bring great live music to unexpected venues across London!Continue reading “Ray Jones is The Talent Banquer | My Soho Times”

From Blue to Brew: Theatreland Takes Tea with the Samaritans! 

There’s always time for a cuppa and a chat! That’s the motto of award-winning comedy creators Mischief who teamed up with Central London Samaritans this week for Brew Monday (a play on Blue Monday, traditionally the most depressing day of the year) encouraging people to have a cuppa and a catch-up with those they care about.

Photo credit: Danny Kaan

As Barnaby Hopson from the Samaritans told us, “At Samaritans we say Blue Monday is a myth so we’re turning into Brew Monday. It’s all about recognising that we all have bad days and one way to get around it is to talk… if you’re sitting down and listening, you’re doing it right.”

So where does Mischief come in? The company will be fundraising at their hit comedy shows The Play That Goes Wrong and Magic Goes Wrong as well as thanking and celebrating Samaritans volunteers across London by inviting over 400 volunteers to see their West End shows in January.

Photo credit: Danny Kaan

“Giving back is something that’s really important to us,” said Mischief member Charlie Russell, “We wanted to celebrate the volunteers at the Samaritans because of the incredible work that they do, particularly throughout the pandemic when people really needed someone to talk to. They managed to keep their services going throughout lockdown, they’re always giving so they deserve to be able to laugh at those shows.”

Volunteers like Alastair Wallace couldn’t be happier, “I’m very excited, I’m going this week. It’s a great collaboration and we’re really happy that Mischief chose us.”  It also feeds into the wider tradition of Soho as a community happy to get behind initiatives that benefit the area and its people. “Soho is such a wonderful community to be part of; we get – and offer – support for all sorts of different directives, such as food drops for the homeless.”

On a roll here, Mischief will be making a top movie episode available from their highly successful improvised online movie series Mischief Movie Night In. It will be re-streamed as a fundraiser for a mere £7.50, available on-demand throughout January. 

Photo credit: Danny Kaan

Finally there’s the tried-and-trusted-time-honoured tradition of rattling a can at your audience in the theatre itself.  Company Jonathan Sayer shared, “We’ve always done bucket collections at the Play that Goes Wrong so for today and the next couple of weeks it’s all about the Samaritans!”

So if you’re looking to beat the doom and gloom of January, support a very worthy cause, champion the West End and have a good laugh all at the same time – check out the how and where on the Mischief website at theplaythatgoeswrong.com.  We will beat those winter blues!

Written by Gillian Smith @gillianasmith_. Photos by Danny Kaan @Danny_with_a_Camera

Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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Made in Soho: Faces from a Thriving Soho

Six people with strong connections to Soho share what it meant for them to survive – and thrive – during the lockdown(s) of 2020-2021…

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6 Festive Menus Worth Trying Before the Season Ends!

Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers have launched not one but two specials, The Christmas and The Vegan Christmas! Best enjoyed with the new Winter Spiced Mule cocktail, the Christmas features Honest beef, smoked bacon, deep-fried camembert, cranberry sauce and rocket, alongside Honest’s signature rosemary-salted fries. Vegan? They got’chu! The vegan Christmas boasts a plant-based burger (better than meat if you ask me!), THIS Isn’t Bacon, double Applewood Vegan cheese, shoestring fries, cranberry sauce and rocket.

Available from 30th Nov – 24th Dec, CLICK HERE to book! Look out for the Honest Burger x My Soho Times IG Competition for a chance to win a meal for two in 2022!

📍 4a Meard St, London W1F 0EF

Zima Russian Restaurant

Zima Russian Restaurant is your starting point for an express voyage into discovering the flavours of Russian food – and drink! We arranged for Instagrammer @gagankjagpal to visit and share her thoughts: “Zima is an excellent for an evening out for drinks with friends, a work party or a date night. The location is superb and staff is very knowledgeable about the drinks and food!

Curious about try? We’ve teamed up with our friends at @zimarestaurant for one lucky winner to win a spectacular dining experience for two – entry via our IG competition CLICK HERE! Can’t leave it to chance? BOOK HERE!

📍 45 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 4SD

Little Italy

Little Italy has established a long and rich history in the West End community, so it’s not quite a Soho Christmas without a reservation at the restaurant arm of the famous Bar Italia! Whether you’re a local, visitor or just nostalgic for the good ol’ Soho days – a seat at the table for Italian classics will leave an impression! Christmas Set Menu & New Years Eve Menu available… wear your dancing shoes! BOOK HERE!

📍 21 Frith Street, London W1D 4RN

Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Rosa’s Thai Cafe is a go to in search of a winter comforts to transport you to out of grey London to sunnier climates – via your taste buds! On a recent visit to their Carnaby restaurant with Baldwin Ho; food & travel journalist @foodtravelinspired, we both opted for the classic Tom Yum soup with Asian mushrooms (a gem of a find as it’s not available in all Rosa’s Thai restaurants), fiery Drunken Noodles, my personal favourite; stir Fried Aubergine, and fresh Summer Rolls to cool down the heat!

So, not exactly your typical festive menu but who’s complaining when the All Day menu has everything to keep you going this winter? BOOK HERE!

📍 23a Ganton St, Carnaby, London W1F 9BW


Pastaio specialises in the most-loved type of comfort food to date – pasta! Enjoy a full menu of Christmas-inspired treats including slow cooked sausage Ragu, Brussels sprouts Gnocchi, or get festive green with the Cavolo Nero pasta served with creamy burrata! Go the extra mile and request of snowflake-like shavings Parmigiano Reggiano to top off your dish. Wash it all down with tasty Presseco or Mulled Wine slushie! Myself and Gillian Smith, My Soho Times’ contributing editor, were in for a carb-overload treat!… ’tis the season after all!


📍 19 Ganton St, Carnaby, London W1F 9BN

Kua ‘Aina Carnaby

Kua ‘Aina’s first tasting collab with fellow Hawaii inspired spirit brand, Aloha65 earlier this month was a great opportunity for me to sample some of the Kua ‘Aina Christmas specials on the menu including; the Lava-Grilled Christmas Burger consisting of with beef burger, sage & onion mayo, bacon, cranberry sauce, and brie. Substitute the beef burger for poultry and you have the Grilled Turkey Breast Burger, or make it veggie-friendly with a juicy Grilled Portobello Mushroom burger.

And it goes without saying, wash it down with a refreshing cocktail of Aloha65 – or go bold with shots of it! BOOK HERE!

📍 26 Foubert’s Place, London, W1F 7PP

Words and photography by Kai Lutterodt, cover image courtesy of restaurant | IG @the.soho.girl

Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Season’s greetings from the My Soho Times team!

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Giving Back this Christmas with Co-op | My Soho Times

As Christmas Day draws ever closer, there are a few things which are inevitable; the tree is up – tick, Christmas shopping is done(ish!) – tick, gifts are wrapped – tick… checking up on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours? tick, tick, tick!

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28-50 by Night: Christmas Day to NYE | My Soho Times

If you love great food and fine wine, you’ll love 28–50 Wine Bar & Kitchen with restaurants dotted across central London in Covent Garden, Marylebone, South Kensington, and Chelsea… now open to the sound of music is their newest addition; 28-50 by Night!

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Soho Is Open: Andrew Leo Portraits

People who LIVE WORK PLAY in Soho shared with us their biggest takeaway from the past year, and what they were most looking forward to when lockdown lifted… and Soho would finally re-opened again!

Photography by Andrew Leo, written by Kai Lutterodt.

Continue reading “Soho Is Open: Andrew Leo Portraits”

6 Scented Candles to Fill Your Home With the Smell of Christmas!

Create a sense of Christmas with these warming scents to fill your home… Cranberries and Spiced Apples, Gingerbread and Sweet Orange – these are a few of our favourite aromas for Winter! Order yours now to receive it in time for the big day!

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Meet the New Silver Generation | My Soho Times

Antony Fitzgerald is breaking boundaries as a 57 year old professional model – and now he’s pushing the door open for other mature models of colour to have a platform to be seen. For our Autumn ’21 issue, Antony shared in his own words creating a movement to change how we see age and colour in the fashion & beauty industry…

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50 Gift Ideas from Small and Independent Businesses

We’ve put together 50+ Gift Ideas from small and independent businesses offering a diverse selection to help you find the perfect present for your loved ones, friends… or a treat for yourself this winter!

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4 Festive ST-GERMAIN® Cocktails to Recreate at Home | My Soho Times

It’s that time of year to shake things up! Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with these festive-inspired ST-GERMAIN® cocktails fused with the sweet refreshing taste of elderflower – as recommended by our editor-in-chief, The Soho Girl

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